1. New Collection - Ledapol 2021

    New Collection 2021

    Kinky women's underwear, revealing bras, leather garter belts, bras, corsets, lace underwear, transparent underwear, naughty women's underwear, skimpy underwear, transparent underwear. New collection is avilable now! Read more to find out what is new!

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  2. Lady Lilith - fetish materials

    Lady Lilith - fetish materials

    Watch the popular series of videos on our YouTube channel. The professional dominatrix Lady Lilith shares her experience of using the most wanted fetish materials.

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  3. Spanking 101

    Spanking 101

    Erotic spanking is an interesting way to variety your intimate life. When deciding on this type of play, it is worth remembering a few important rules, thanks to which the BDSM fun will be safe and pleasant. How to spank in a most arousing way? How

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  4. Is latex clothing breathable?

    Is latex clothing breathable?

    How to reduce sweating in latex

    How is wearing latex clothing different from ordinary fabrics? Is it hot or c

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  5. How to get a classy goth look?

    How to get a classy goth look?

    What is gothic style?

    There is no strict definition, but when you see it you know it. It is dark, pale and alternative. Little sinister and emotional. 

    But how to get a classy gothic look?

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  6. The best anniversary gift for a wife

    Spoiled wife

    Are you looking for a gift idea for your wife?

    Would you like to give her a romantic gift for your wedding anniversary? Do you want her to feel unique and sexy? This tutorial is for you.

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  7. Is latex for me?

    Is latex for me?

    Have you ever wonder about trying latex? Or - you wanted to try it but had this doubts and questions. Here are a few latex tips that will help you. A good place to start your latex adventure. Dip your toe in rubber before you dive in.

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  8. Valentine’s Day gifts for her

    Best gift for valentines

    Valentine’s day gifts for her

    Romantic dinner in a fancy restaurant? This year it might be a little tricky to arrange, but nonetheless, you can still make it an unforgettable hot date. Staying home with your special one can have some advantages. L

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  9. Top 5 BDSM accessories for beginners

    Top 5 BDSM accessories for beginners

    Do you feel like BDSM might be your thing? Would you like to try it, but you wonder where to start your adventure? Check out our TOP 5 accessories and tips for people who want to see how they feel on a kinky side of life. Starting with the BDSM

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  10. How to measure yourself?

    Lady Lilith - professional mistress and dominatrix will share all the information
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