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Men's PVC Clothing

Men's erotic outfits made of PVC are an offer for those who want to express their predatory face with the help of licentious stylizations! The offer of our shop dedicated to men mainly includes underwear. Well-fitting pants perfectly emphasize the nature and enhance the buttocks. Muscled torso or wide, male barges look even better combined with an sexy shirt or blouse. A perverse play will be more attractive with very well-fitting coveralls. Erotic items of clothing with specific cut-outs in the area of ​​intimate areas of the body make the way to the heights of pleasure so much easier.

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  1. LE1777 Briefs
    As low as €19.61
  2. LE1598 Blouse
    As low as €41.38
  3. LE1433 Blouse
    As low as €56.91
  4. LE1786 Briefs
    As low as €35.87
  5. LE1698 Body
    As low as €129.38
  6. LE1595 Trousers
    As low as €41.38
  7. LE1175 Body
    As low as €96.86
  8. LE1160 Shirt
    As low as €165.96
  9. LE1490 Briefs
    As low as €28.70
  10. LE1222 Body
    As low as €137.74
  11. LE1791 Body
    As low as €70.56
  12. LE1498 Briefs
    As low as €23.69
  13. LE1500 Blouse
    As low as €56.44
  14. LE1431 Trousers
    As low as €103.08
  15. LE1489 Briefs
    As low as €23.69
  16. LE1219 Overalls
    As low as €206.86
  17. LE1778 Corset
    As low as €94.70
  18. LE1788 Shirt
    As low as €115.51
  19. LE1178 Briefs
    As low as €36.60
  20. LE1789 Shirt
    As low as €95.18
  21. LE1453 Blouse
    As low as €82.74
  22. LE1594 Briefs
    As low as €29.17
  23. LE1781 Shirt
    As low as €43.52
  24. LE1430 Top
    As low as €43.29
  25. LE1185 Trousers
    As low as €137.74
  26. LE1790 Thongs
    As low as €42.09
  27. LE1690 Costume
    As low as €184.13
  28. LE1357 Trousers
    As low as €43.29
  29. LE1775 Thongs
    As low as €32.52
  30. LE1444 Body
    As low as €88.73
  31. LE1596 Blouse
    As low as €64.57
  32. LE1491 Briefs
    As low as €25.35
  33. LE1806 Panties
    As low as €60.03
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33 Items

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