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This red and black gorset  belt features edgy leather staps with buckle on the shoulders and on the buttocks. A corset belt itself has buckles in either sides for a better fit. It shows off whole breasts.

Availability: 10000 In Stock

A solid and durable corset made from high quality leather features classic lacing at the front assisted with four straps and buckles. At the back a leather corset is easily fastened with a zipeer. To this set a skimpy leather thong is also included. It has adjustable straps in both sides and is attached to hooks at the back of a corset.

Wearing Leather For Mutual Pleasure

Some say that BDSM is an egoistic entertainment where it is the feelings of only one of the partners that really count. Nothing could be further from the truth! On the contrary, it is based on giving pleasure, finding joy in pain – receiving or taking it. It also means deeper experiences and exceptional stimulation which can be achieved only through trust.

This is what our leather crafting is like. Those special products, designed primarily but not only for women, display their wearer’s beautiful figure and heat things up. People wearing leather appreciate sensations and excitement in bed and like mutual pleasure. If you like dullness and routine, give this category up, but you are sure to regret it!

Genuine Leather Clothing and Leather Lingerie? Comfortable, Enjoyable, and Irresistible

In this category we offer extensive black leather collection that also includes red options. You can be sure that a total leather production in Ledapol is carried under the supervision of our professionals who take care of the quality hides used for erotic lingerie and clothing designed for wearing during sexual play. Many of them, durable leathers, are suitable for fun in the vein of BDSM, but they do not have to be used that way. It is lingerie and clothing that arouses the senses and adds extra excitement and piquancy in bed. At work, just the thought of your partner wearing heavy leather clothing and wearing leather shoes will make you really impatient for the evening to come.

Our selection of genuine leather crafting is first of all characterised by:

  • Quality – we champion good leather hides suppliers, excellent production quality, and durability of the natural leather we sell;
  • Comfort – many people think that leather clothing and lingerie is beautiful, soft sexy, gives that special something to the woman or man wearing leather clothing, but it is also very uncomfortable. In reality, the products have a comfortable lining which means that you can feel unrestricted while wearing them;
  • Our selection of leather offers products in all sizes, types and finishes. Because of that, everybody can find something for themselves here;
  • Original design will make even those who are not fond of leather reconsider their preferences. If you choose good products, everything can change.

This category includes products like bras with flat cups, leather stockings, tops accentuating the breasts, or panties with a zipper in front and other leather features included. Other ideas such as leather corsets, skirts, also men’s briefs, with or without a zipper, make our leather collection even more rich.

High-quality leather For Him, For Her, For Every Body

Within the category of leather clothing and lingerie, we are offering so many products that looking through all of them yourself would take a lot of time. That is why, in order to make it easier for our clients to make a decision, we have assigned our products into different subcategories. So what kind of categories can you find here?

  • Leather bras,
  • Leather trousers,
  • Leather corsets,
  • Leather suspender belts,
  • Leather bodysuits,
  • Leather skirts,
  • Leather accessories.

And not to forget many others! Make a good choice and surprise your partner - leather creates special atmosphere in bedroom, use it in your advantage. Because the most important thing that can happen, happens between you. 

Find Your Leather Lingerie and Clothing

See how little might stand between you and exceptional pleasure. Choose something for yourself or find a gift for your partner. Thanks to leather clothing and lingerie, you will spend many nights in great excitement.

Beautiful, Soft, Raw, Rough - Lingerie, Clothes, Shoes - Leather Needs Care, Too

It doesn't matter if you wear leather shoes from a solid high-quality hides or beautiful, soft lingerie - every genuine leather needs some love from you. Leather features are very similar to human's skin. Treat it well. We have prepared a leather care guide for you. Use it religiously.