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Leather Bodies

Leather body is quite unbridled idea of turning on the temperature in bedroom. Perfectly tight the body, shaping the qualities of figure and furthermore it brings to mind dark scenarios with dominatrix in main role.

Leather body is a strong accent in any scenario of bed plays. Used as a diversifying of everyday life, may surprise other half, adding a bit of spice in relationship and encourage for more experiments. As a constant element of erotic life, leather body will be inseparable part of games in BDSM style. It’s suitable for both - an absolute dominatrix, wield a whip or lash in her hand and for submissive lover, that passively follows the orders of her master. Multiplacy of fashions with obscene cutouts in nevralgic points, are good for typical fendom, which demand from subbmisvie partner extatic experience and also suits for passive one, which is ready for serving at any time for her master. Holes between legs allows for immediate satisfy of the lust, without a need of undressing and exposing breasts cutouts are facilitation for less and more raw caresses. However, body with attached dildo are an options for bisexual and lesbians couples, that looking for previously unknown experiences. There also available bodys for mens.

Leather bodys are great costume for hott plays behind closed doors. It will work at home and outside in swingers clubs, where, for sure catch an eye of every guest. Most of modes are in black and red color.

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  1. LE0812 Body with zipper
    As low as €192.26
  2. LE5800 Body
    As low as €105.22
  3. LE5669 Body
    As low as €120.05
  4. LE5588 Body
    As low as €155.44
  5. LE5579 Body
    As low as €162.61
  6. LE5456 Body
    As low as €228.86
  7. LE5123 Body
    As low as €116.47
  8. LE5473 Body
    As low as €193.47
  9. LE0943 Body
    As low as €130.57
  10. LE5578 Body
    As low as €90.17
  11. LE5476 Body
    As low as €151.85
  12. LE5249 Body
    As low as €175.05
  13. LE5542 Leather body
    As low as €225.74
  14. LE5258 Body
    As low as €241.30
  15. LE5515 Body
    As low as €178.17
  16. LE5566 Body
    As low as €213.31
  17. LE0063_2 Body
    As low as €125.08
  18. LE5463 Body
    As low as €166.69
  19. LE5295 Body
    As low as €159.99
  20. LE5619 Body
    As low as €85.61
  21. LE5290 Body
    As low as €138.70
  22. LE5271 Body
    As low as €84.90
  23. LE5595 Body
    As low as €112.87
  24. LE5592 Body
    As low as €208.78
  25. LE0749 Body-Body
    As low as €159.72
  26. LE5541 Body
    As low as €229.82
  27. LE5287 Body
    As low as €182.22
  28. LE5564 Body
    As low as €134.17
  29. LE5337 Body
    As low as €210.21
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Items 1-40 of 46

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