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  • Also known as an overall.
  • Made from datex - a combination of an outer latex layer and an inner spandex layer.
  • The suit fastens at the back with a zip.
  • With belt loops.
  • Available in 15 colours.
  • The latex catsuit does not have a zipper in the crotch, but there is an option to sew one on.


  • Datex and latex should be stored in a darkened and dry place.
  • Coloured datex products should be kept separately as there is a risk of staining.
  • The datex suit can be washed in a washing machine up to 40°C.

Datex catsuits will transform every woman into a femme fatale. Sexy catsuits clinging to a body and highlighting all shapes and sizes are what everyone desires to witness in the bedroom. LEDAPOL has created innovative printed latex and printed datex. This type of production combines beautifully delicate lace with hardcore material, latex. The outcome is staggering and available below. The advantages of datex and printed latex/datex are highly recommended by our customers.