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SENSUAL EROTIC OUTFITS STARTS WITH SEXY LINGERIELedapol is a producer of exceptional lingerie. You will find bras, panties, thongs, and garter belts made of materials such as latex, leather, vinyl, and datex. Trimmings in the form of chains, straps, studs, and clasps give these erotic creations a tasteful spice. Our collection includes sexy underwear that covers or exposes intimate parts of the body. There is something for women who like to tease with discreet lingerie, as well as for those who want extravagant and openly provocative clothes. You will find something suitable for a romantic evening for two and stand for a swingers party or BDSM-style games in a dominatrix dungeon. All our products are exceptional intimate pieces of women's wardrobe designed with love for fetish. We want you to look and feel sexy in them every time you put them on. Thanks to the professional production process and exclusive usage of high-quality materials, you can be sure that Ledapol's lingerie will serve you for a long time.

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  1. Datex Apron 9512
    As low as €73.24
  2. LE1880 Thong
    As low as €28.20
  3. LE1879 Thong with chain
    As low as €18.58
  4. LE5168 Bra
    As low as €84.18
  5. LE5834 Briefs
    As low as €23.44
  6. LE1756 Bra
    As low as €41.38
  7. LE1754 Bra
    As low as €42.82
  8. LE5695 Bra
    As low as €75.57
  9. LE1795 Bra
    As low as €37.56
  10. LE0267 Bra
    As low as €71.99
  11. LE5272 Bra
    As low as €94.47
  12. LE1797 Bra
    As low as €34.69
  13. 9100 Bikini set
    As low as €82.26
  14. 9099 Balconette
    As low as €55.25
  15. LE5777 Bra
    As low as €52.86
  16. LE0192 Bra with chain
    As low as €128.80
  17. LE5815 Bra + thong
    As low as €54.52
  18. LE1309 Pvc Bra
    As low as €42.82
  19. LE1732 Bra
    As low as €42.57
  20. 9024 Thongs
    As low as €49.26
  21. LE5278 Bra
    As low as €99.48
  22. 9084 Balconette
    As low as €43.52
  23. LE0475 Bra
    As low as €61.42
  24. LE5486 Bra
    As low as €43.77
  25. LE5145 Bra
    As low as €60.03
  26. LE5805 Top+Strings
    As low as €104.74
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Items 1-40 of 73

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