For her - fetish clothing and underwear

Sensual erotic costumes for her are perfect proposition for romantic lover, self confident pussycat and hating resistance dominatrix. Every women find here something for herself.

An erotic underwear should be in every single women wardrobe. Tempting outfits don’t have to be used only in bed. Stimulating imagination female sets, sexi dresses or beautifull corsets are an idea for keeping fire of passion during all day.Bold underwear is available in different versions. Multiplicity of fashion types, patterns and materials allows to choose this perfectly fitting to women character and her seducing plan. Those more delicate but emphasizing the advantages of the female body and encouraging for “little something-something” lacy sets or incredibly shaped thongs will always works when women want to be a seductress. Those bolder, like cut out bodystocking or leather costumes are perfect for fetishers. This outfits can be an element of bed frolics or other, erotic game.

In our assortment you can find perfect female products for wearing under another outfit or dedicated for more intimate occasions when you can wear it solo. Underwear will delight passionate lover, mistress of erotic dance, striptease fan and brave, looking for new experience ladies.

Thanks to wide offer, only You decide how much to uncover..

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  1. Datex dress, 9458
    As low as €110.16
  2. Datex dress, 9447
    As low as €74.64
  3. Body, datex, 9443
    As low as €73.92
  4. Body, datex, 9442
    As low as €67.92
  5. Latex set, LE2969
    As low as €75.34
  6. Latex set, LE2960
    As low as €76.81
  7. Latex set, LE2956
    As low as €70.45
  8. Latex set, LE2955
    As low as €76.77
  9. Latex dress, LE2307
    As low as €261.38
  10. Latex body, LE2304
    As low as €77.85
  11. Latex dress, LE2303
    As low as €106.43
  12. Latex dress, LE2300
    As low as €106.43
  13. Latex body, LE2296
    As low as €47.40
  14. Latex body, LE2294
    As low as €58.80
  15. LE2291
    As low as €102.55
  16. Latex skirt, LE2289
    As low as €125.62
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Items 1-40 of 1018

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