Despite the fact that catsuits cover almost the entire body, they can be an erotic outfit with an extremely licentious character! In milder versions they perfectly highlight the appetizing body shapes, adding a lot of sex appeal. The catsuit is a quite universal outfit that can be put on when you have a date or passionate foreplay. One of its biggest advantage is the option of easy and quick put off. In addition, catsuits are usually made of strong materials that may not be easily torned even durin the most intense frolics. We offer leather, latex and lack catsuits, Stylish catsuits that only emphasize woman’s body charms can be worn during crazy parties, while more licentious ones with sexy cutouts are suitable for bold games in bed and for theme parties in swingers clubs. This kind of outfit suits absolute dom, although it will also work on the body of a submissive mistress of his master. Most pieces of clothing can be used in BDSM games and dogging.

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  1. LE3063 Overalls
    As low as €86.75
  2. LE3109 Overalls
    As low as €95.12
  3. LE3046 Overalls
    As low as €110.46
  4. 9310 Catsuit
    As low as €124.41
  5. 9251 Catsuit
    As low as €137.08
  6. 9113 Catsuit
    As low as €133.23
  7. LE1165 Overalls
    As low as €112.61
  8. LE1253 Overalls
    As low as €106.71
  9. Catsuit pvc, LE1262
    As low as €124.35
  10. PVC catsuit, LE1382
    As low as €108.70
  11. PVC outfit, LE1603
    As low as €166.75
  12. LE1621 Overalls
    As low as €116.09
  13. LE1615 Overalls
    As low as €124.58
  14. LE1604 Overalls
    As low as €143.05
  15. LE1548 Overalls
    As low as €170.23
  16. LE1237 Overalls
    As low as €145.65
  17. 9211 Catsuit
    As low as €87.15
  18. LE1803 Catsuit, PVC
    As low as €116.75
  19. LE4776 Overall
    As low as €199.65
  20. Overall, pvc, LE1174
    As low as €108.68
  21. 9058 Overall
    As low as €203.92
  22. 9212 Catsuit
    As low as €94.14
  23. Latex Catsuit, 9055
    As low as €173.27
  24. 9124 Overall
    As low as €156.75
  25. PVC Catsuit, LE1366
    As low as €124.14
  26. LE1204 Overalls
    As low as €207.62
  27. LE1816 PVC Catsuit
    As low as €95.65
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