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The body is one-piece women's underwear. Good-looking clothing always emphasizes and exposes the figure. When made of shiny materials such as latex or datex, it can become your second skin. Printed latex is a 3D pattern cloth. It is flexible and stretchy, airy, and transparent at the same time. Ledapol's intimate erotic lingerie will satisfy customers who prefer sensual and tempting outfits, as well as those looking for something more predatory and provocative. You will find women's erotic lingerie to spice up a romantic date. Still, if you are looking for something to shine at a hot swingers party - you are also in the right place. Straps, zippers, and chains - provocative and sexy finishes are our specialty. Ledapol makes erotic costumes with the most outstanding care from high-quality materials so that you can enjoy them for a long time.

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  1. Body, datex, 9443
    As low as €73.92
  2. Body, datex, 9442
    As low as €67.92
  3. Latex body, LE2304
    As low as €77.85
  4. Latex body, LE2296
    As low as €47.40
  5. Latex body, LE2294
    As low as €58.80
  6. Latex body, LE2288
    As low as €97.16
  7. Latex body, LE2287
    As low as €107.62
  8. Latex body, LE2272
    As low as €174.55
  9. Latex body, LE2265
    As low as €52.17
  10. Latex body, LE2264
    As low as €52.17
  11. Latex body, LE2261
    As low as €51.11
  12. Body latex, LE2244
    As low as €81.32
  13. LE1687 Body
    As low as €112.84
  14. LE3256 Body
    As low as €41.35
  15. LE3251 Body
    As low as €38.97
  16. LE3072 Body
    As low as €57.62
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Items 1-40 of 144

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