Body is a comfortable and imaginative item of clothing that makes every woman feel special. Each part of lingerie has a secret in itself, turning a woman into a queen of sex! Body, in other words one-piece underwear, is an extremely valuable element of erotic clothing. Rich variety of cuttings make it easy to find a version suitable for any scenario of sexual games. Subtle body which perfectly fits the body and emphasize shapes of a body is the magic of understatement. It allows you to build tension, igniting desire in the partner. An intriguing body made of shimmering material, like latex or datex, is a harbinger of more powerful sensations. Tempting products with obscene cuts in critical places are the prelude to crazy fun. Such a bodysuit will work not only during romantic evenings, but also during BDSM's harsh games. The variety of styles gives the ability to fit the body both the ruthless dom and to the defenseless submissive. More shameless items of clothing will prove themselves in dogging, clubbing and swinging parties.

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  1. Body, datex, 9443
    As low as €73.92
  2. Body, datex, 9442
    As low as €67.92
  3. Latex body, LE2304
    As low as €77.85
  4. Latex body, LE2296
    As low as €47.40
  5. Latex body, LE2294
    As low as €58.80
  6. Latex body, LE2288
    As low as €97.16
  7. Latex body, LE2287
    As low as €107.62
  8. Latex body, LE2272
    As low as €174.55
  9. Latex body, LE2265
    As low as €52.17
  10. Latex body, LE2264
    As low as €52.17
  11. Latex body, LE2261
    As low as €51.11
  12. Body latex, LE2244
    As low as €81.32
  13. LE1687 Body
    As low as €112.84
  14. LE3256 Body
    As low as €41.35
  15. LE3251 Body
    As low as €38.97
  16. LE3072 Body
    As low as €57.62
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Items 1-40 of 144

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