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TROUSERS Leather pants used to be a bikers' outfit. Nowadays, it has become a classic style Still associated with hard rock goth metal climate. Leather pants and shorts blend in perfectly with leather bras and jackets, creating punk sharp stylizations.Vinyl pants and vinyl shorts are characterized by a specific glowy shine. PVC has a natural gloss that does not require any additional products.The material that adheres to the body most closely is latex, so latex pants are sometimes called a second skin. To obtain a characteristic shine, use appropriate polishing agents. Rubber pants look very attractive but putting them on might be a little challenging. To put them on, you should use talcum powder or a proper moisturizer. Datex is a convenient alternative. It looks as effective as latex but is definitely more comfortable to use. Datex pants are covered with latex on the outside, but the inner layer is a flexible fabric. Datex pants are removed and put on just like regular pants, without the need for additional lubricants or talcum powder.

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  1. 9294 Set
    As low as €85.06
  2. 9284 Shorts
    As low as €52.13
  3. 9300 Breeches
    As low as €97.20
  4. 9181 Leggings
    As low as €75.48
  5. LE1162 Trousers
    As low as €112.87
  6. LE1546 Trousers
    As low as €114.31
  7. 9205 Trousers
    As low as €138.11
  8. 9207 Trousers
    As low as €126.51
  9. LE1159 Trousers
    As low as €111.44
  10. LE1371 Trousers
    As low as €122.44
  11. LE1269 Trousers
    As low as €99.25
  12. LE0702 Trousers
    As low as €263.53
  13. LE5811 Trousers
    As low as €234.12
  14. 9178 Pants
    As low as €60.47
  15. 9186 Trousers
    As low as €70.08
  16. 9221 Shorts
    As low as €52.70
  17. LE0795 Trousers
    As low as €126.51
  18. LE0940 Pants
    As low as €171.47
  19. 9219 Shorts
    As low as €39.88
  20. 9182 Leggings
    As low as €77.46
  21. 9209 Shorts
    As low as €53.93
  22. LE1545 Trousers
    As low as €114.31
  23. LE1261 Trousers
    As low as €57.69
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29 Items

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