The skirt is an undisputed attribute of women, emphasising the bottom in all shapes and sizes. LEDAPOL skirts are available in a wide range of styles, colours and materials. Reach for a classic leather mini skirt to get the rock style. Buy a kinky latex skirt to blow your partner's mind. Is it appropriate to wear fetish clothing in public? That depends on your look, but we say why not? Combine printed latex and datex printed skirts with printed tops from our new collection, wear fashionable, trendy underwear underneath and you have a perfect summer look to show off on the street. We recommend that you choose skirts made of vinyl only for your sexual adventures, as this material is not breathable and will not be comfortable to wear on warm days. The same goes for latex. Datex, on the other hand, is our creation that combines latex (on the outside) with comfortable textiles (on the inside). Datex is very easy to put on and take off, but do not forget that the latex layer still needs a good shine. Regardless of your choice, all our skirts are made of high quality materials that will last for years.

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