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Elegant skirts are available in a wide range of models, colors, and materials. Leather mini skirts are a classic element of modern women's wardrobe. Solidly made, they come in variations of models that match the nightclub outfit. Kinky ones are revealing the buttocks with bold cutout holes. Closed with buckles and zippers, they are a perfect combination with corsets and other leather items of erotic clothing.A pencil skirt, decorated with frills, or mini-skirts - here you can choose the cut that best suits you. Printed latex mini skirts made of printed latex are delightfully stretchy and have a tight fit. Vinyl skirts have a natural shine, which is provided by PVC. This material does not require additional polishing. Our PVC dresses have a provocative character, often chosen by cosplayers and cyberpunk fans.Datex is a new material on the market. This material is covered with latex on the outside layer. The inner side that comes into contact with the skin is a stretchy fabric. Thanks to this, datex skirts shine and fit your body, covering it like a second skin. Putting them on and taking them off is very comfortable.Smooth and tight, flared and mesh, modest and shameless - all Ledapol skirts are made of high-quality materials so that you can enjoy them for a long time.

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  1. Mini Skirt LE6175
    As low as €108.63
  2. Latex skirt, LE2293
    As low as €60.68
  3. Printed datex skirt, LE2289
    As low as €138.18
  4. Plain mini skirt, 9396
    As low as €35.80
  5. LE3118 Skirt
    As low as €60.99
  6. LE3008 Skirt
    As low as €40.93
  7. LE3017 Skirt
    As low as €46.05
  8. LE1203_1 Pvc Skirt
    As low as €97.09
  9. 9088 Mini-skirt
    As low as €66.73
  10. 9313 Skirt
    As low as €53.50
  11. 9312 Skirt
    As low as €42.38
  12. 9298 Skirt
    As low as €52.09
  13. 9289 Skirt
    As low as €39.86
  14. 9282 Skirt
    As low as €62.54
  15. 9299 Skirt
    As low as €41.66
  16. 9305 Skirt
    As low as €47.83
  17. 9288 Skirt
    As low as €49.03
  18. 9292 Skirt
    As low as €49.81
  19. LE5156 Skirt
    As low as €145.64
  20. 9069 Skirt
    As low as €95.18
  21. LE1130 Skirt
    As low as €47.35
  22. LE5814 Skirt
    As low as €110.48
  23. LE1355 Skirt
    As low as €111.44
  24. 9022 Mini skirt
    As low as €56.91
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Items 1-40 of 97

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