LE 9395 Spanking Mini Skirt

SKU: 9395 | Material: Datex
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Color : Black
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Size Chart

Datex, printed latex - ladies' size table, height 164-176 (cm)







Bust (cm) 80-87 88-95 96-103 104-111 112-118
Under the breast(cm) 63-69 70-77 78-85 86 - 94 95-104
Waist (cm) 60-67 68-75 76-83 84 - 91 92-98
Hips (cm) 84-91 92-97 98-104 105 - 112 113-120
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Datex mini skirt with two holes on the buttocks and thong.

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Datex Spanking Mini Skirt Latex

The datex mini skirt is a unique and daring piece of clothing that is designed to add a new level of excitement to your intimate experiences. The skirt is made from a special material called datex, which is a combination of latex and fabric. This gives it the look and feel of latex, but with the added comfort and flexibility of fabric.

The skirt features two strategically placed holes on the buttocks, which are designed to give your partner easy access for spanking and other erotic activities. The skirt also comes with a matching thong, which adds to the overall sex appeal of the outfit.

One of the best things about the latex mini skirt is that it is specifically designed for spanking sessions. The material is durable and can withstand the impact of repeated spankings, making it the perfect choice for those who enjoy this type of play.

Overall, the rubber mini skirt is a must-have for anyone who wants to add some excitement and spice to their intimate experiences. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, this skirt is sure to take your pleasure to the next level.

Buy Black Datex Half-cup Bra to recreate the look from the picture.


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LE 9395 Spanking Mini Skirt

Datex mini skirt with two holes on the buttocks and thong.

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