For Him

Outfits for him is a wilde offer for fetish and bold sexuial games fans. Variety of them allows to choose this perfectly fitted to the situation and individual preferences.

Erotic costumes for mens are proposition for diversifying sex life in stable relationship or it can be bold expression of fetish passion. Products may have a variety of uses, because of multiplicity of fashion types and materials, which goods were made.We offer outfits suitable for warming up the atmosphere in the bedroom. You also find here costumes perfect in taste of rough plays, like BDSM or dogging. Depending of fashion, erotic outfits for mens will satisfy the needs of people that are on different level of interest in bed topic. Part of them is good for those who just begun experiments with unconventional sex, others are suitable for experienced practisers, which constantly looking for inspiration. Erotic clothing can be successfully used as an element of male striptease or as a costume for thematic events in closed group.

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  1. 9045 Body
    As low as €92.84
  2. LE1777 Briefs
    As low as €17.83
  3. LE5706 Briefs
    As low as €33.04
  4. LE5291 Body
    As low as €148.93
  5. LE1598 Blouse
    As low as €37.62
  6. LE1433 Blouse
    As low as €51.74
  7. LE0994 Briefs
    As low as €41.91
  8. LE1786 Briefs
    As low as €32.61
  9. LE5496 Body
    As low as €115.01
  10. LE5214 Body
    As low as €70.00
  11. LE5704 Briefs
    As low as €33.48
  12. LE5267 Top
    As low as €232.84
  13. LE1698 Body
    As low as €117.62
  14. LE1595 Trousers
    As low as €37.62
  15. LE5019 Briefs
    As low as €33.71
  16. LE0988 Pants
    As low as €303.05
  17. LE1175 Body
    As low as €88.06
  18. LE1160 Shirt
    As low as €150.87
  19. LE5697 Briefs
    As low as €71.74
  20. LE1490 Briefs
    As low as €26.09
  21. LE5569 Briefs
    As low as €49.79
  22. LE5703 Body
    As low as €135.65
  23. LE0104 Strap-body
    As low as €73.04
  24. LE5705 Briefs
    As low as €31.74
  25. 9042 Male shorts
    As low as €68.92
  26. LE1222 Body
    As low as €125.22
  27. LE5016 Briefs
    As low as €43.04
  28. LE1791 Body
    As low as €64.14
  29. LE1498 Briefs
    As low as €21.53
  30. 9028 Male short
    As low as €58.49
  31. LE1500 Blouse
    As low as €51.31
  32. LE1431 Trousers
    As low as €93.71
  33. LE5698 Belt
    As low as €101.74
  34. LE5201 Briefs
    As low as €41.31
  35. 9035 Male top
    As low as €80.00
  36. LE5694 Belt
    As low as €145.45
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Items 1-40 of 76

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