LE 9379 Datex Tulle Blouse

SKU: 9379 | Material: Datex
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Color : Black
Size : S

Size Chart

Datex, printed latex - ladies' size table, height 164-176 (cm)







Bust (cm) 80-87 88-95 96-103 104-111 112-118
Under the breast(cm) 63-69 70-77 78-85 86 - 94 95-104
Waist (cm) 60-67 68-75 76-83 84 - 91 92-98
Hips (cm) 84-91 92-97 98-104 105 - 112 113-120
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Short sleeve blouse made of datex and tulle.

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Datex Latex Tulle Blouse Black Tulle

The intimidating blouse made from tulle and datex is a bold and daring outfit. The combination of tulle and datex creates a unique and provocative look that is perfect for women who are unafraid to push boundaries and explore their sexuality. This blouse is not for the faint of heart, as its numerous clearances and revealing design are meant to match various erotic games and fantasies. The latex material used in the blouse is known for its controversial nature and is often associated with fetish culture. However, when paired with the delicate and sheer tulle fabric, it creates a stunning and alluring effect that is both daring and sophisticated. This black latex blouse is a statement piece that is sure to make a lasting impression, and is perfect for women who want to provoke and seduce with their fashion choices.

Buy Datex Tulle Shorts to recreate the outfit from the photo.


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LE 9379 Datex Tulle Blouse

Short sleeve blouse made of datex and tulle.

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