LE 6051 Tulle Dress with Leather Corset

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Color : Black
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The dress is made almost entirely from delicate tulle that is combines with leather corset belt. 

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Black Tulle Leather Dress with Corset Belt

The dress is a stunning masterpiece of design and craftsmanship. The tulle fabric is so delicate that it almost seems to float around the wearer, creating an ethereal effect. The leather corset belt adds a touch of edge and structure to the otherwise flowing garment. The combination of these two elements creates a unique juxtaposition that is both feminine and powerful. The dress would be perfect for a special occasion or event where you want to make a sexual statement. Its lightness and movement make it ideal for dancing, while the corset belt ensures that you will feel supported and confident throughout the night. Overall, this dress is a work of art that will leave everyone in awe of your style and sophistication. 


Data sheet

Material info
Eco-leather: 50% polyurethane, 50% polyester



Naughty and elegant

If you like dresses to seduce this is a jack pot.
No panties and no bra needed.
It is like a eco-leather corset with transparent net bra and dress.


Piękna sukienka z prześwitami

Odsłania wszystko, więc bez bielizny staje się bardzo erotyczna. To tak jakby gorsecik, oraz tiulowy stanik i halka z rozcięciem z przodu.
Bardzo ciekawy krój.
W połączeniu z erotyczną bielizną robi piorunujące wrażenie - w każdym razie na moim facecie ;)

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LE 6051 Tulle Dress with Leather Corset

The dress is made almost entirely from delicate tulle that is combines with leather corset belt. 

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