Leather bras

Leather bras are an element of erotic costumes, that perfectly hits in BDSM climate. Although some models are universal, it is durable leather and lecherous fashions that associate with strong emotions in bed.

Erotic bras made from leather are category of products with quite wild use. Still, the specific of material associate with the hottest sex scenarios, that’s why products are mostly used in BDSM plays. Full brassiere, that cover well bosom, may be used in any game. Bras that expose naked breasts are an option for more perverse plays. May fit for a real dominatrix, that with pleasure will turn on her lover, not letting touch an exposed breasts. A submissive lover will be more available for her master. Erotic bras that are precise combination of leather and metal elements, gives perfect mix of intense sensory stimuli.

Leather brassieres can also be milder in character. Simple, smooth fashions beautifly emphasize breasts, highlights feminine qualities. Some of fully covered models, will work also in everyday use. For sure products can be worn on parties in stronger climate, motorcycle rallies or rock and heavy metal concerts.

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40 注文