Lady Lilith - professional mistress and dominatrix will share all the information about measuring yourself when you want to buy fetish clothes.


You should measure yourself correctly because our clothes should fit well to the body. Size is a basic thing when buying clothes.

You do not want to wear too large pants or too-tight dress! That will not look interesting.


It's best to measure yourself with a tailor's tape measure. Do not add or subtract centimetres. Actual measurements are needed for the garment to fit correctly.

The sizes might be a little different depending on the type of material. Datex and 3D materials are flexible. Leather does not stretch too much.

On our website, there are size tables adapted to the type of material.

That is why it is worth taking a good measure to be able to adjust your size to our size tables.

Where you have to measure? The necessary measurements of our size are height, bust, under the bust, waist and hips. Corset - when choosing a corset, the waist is the most important.

Stockings - when choosing stockings, measure the calf and, if the stockings are higher, the thigh.

Gloves - depending on the length of the gloves, we measure the circumference of the wrist, forearm and biceps. Everyone knows what size gloves they wear. S, M or L.

Tight fit - it all depends on the type of material you are wearing. For example, datex is flexible. When buying datex clothes, we choose the actual size we wear because this type of clothing must adhere to the body. Most of the datex patterns have zippers, so they are easy to put on. On the other hand, clothes made of split leather or leather often have zippers or straps with eyelets, thanks to which the product can be adjusted.

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