PVC Clothing

Clothing made of PVC is combination of high quality, naughty look and comfort. It’s good for people that just started an adventure with sex-disguise as well for more experienced fetishist.

PVC is knitwear from synthetic material which is characterized by large stretching. Costumes made of it are definitely more comfortable than latex and datex outfits, but lack is presenting equally attractive. Clothes and accessories made by this specific material are great choice for people, that looking for eye-catching, hot look and comfortable use.

PVC stylizations are character reflection of self confident, unhesitating womens, that’s why they’re perfect for dominatrix in BDSM games. Product are also good in typical role-playing and meeting expectations of many dogging conesers. It can add some spicy taste in more conventional relationships, awakening the imagination and bringing to life the fantasies about domination. Full erotic sets, dresses, overalls and one-piece body from lack is a great idea for a costume for thematic events in closed group like swingers clubs.

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  1. LE1843 Set
    As low as €39.61
  2. LE1839 Set
    As low as €40.52
  3. LE1846 Set
    As low as €33.98
  4. LE1833 Body
    As low as €48.57
  5. LE1720 Body
    As low as €123.92
  6. LE1687 Body
    As low as €112.84
  7. LE1877 Corset
    As low as €68.53
  8. LE1873 Mini dress
    As low as €64.04
  9. LE1872 Maid dress
    As low as €59.73
  10. LE1840 Set
    As low as €18.72
  11. LE1835 Set
    As low as €77.12
  12. LE1837 Set
    As low as €84.08
  13. LE1838 Bikini Set
    As low as €42.17
  14. LE1748 Top
    As low as €68.57
  15. LE1721 Body
    As low as €85.65
  16. LE1666 Mini dress
    As low as €73.04
  17. LE1636 Blouse
    As low as €88.06
  18. LE1630 Corset
    As low as €103.48
  19. LE1667 Corset
    As low as €112.18
  20. LE1635 Body
    As low as €80.44
  21. LE1689 Leggings
    As low as €96.75
  22. LE1682 Mini dress
    As low as €63.04
  23. LE1650 Corset
    As low as €105.01
  24. LE1649 Corset
    As low as €101.53
  25. PVC outfit, LE1603
    As low as €166.75
  26. LE1678 Corset
    As low as €106.09
  27. LE1832 Dress
    As low as €39.40
  28. LE1604 Overalls
    As low as €143.05
  29. LE1683 Bra
    As low as €41.74
  30. LE1861 Bikini Set
    As low as €40.75
  31. LE1637 MiniSkirt
    As low as €52.40
  32. LE1534 Garter belt
    As low as €43.04
  33. LE1640 Body
    As low as €90.87
  34. LE1631 Corset
    As low as €80.50
  35. LE1859 Set
    As low as €50.73
  36. LE1834 Set
    As low as €46.52
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Items 1-40 of 51

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