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Leather skirts

Leather skirts - the variety of them makes that they can be worn also in more classic sets. They looks breathtakingly in every combination.

Leather skirts are clothing for pugnacious women, which exactly knows what they want, and are pride of their appearance. Not stretchy material, which is natural leather, perfectly heighten the shape of bottom, accentuating advantages of silhouette. Tighten and flared, simple and with cutouts or tyings - leather skirts are available in so many versions, that every woman will find something for herself. Products are offered for sweet kitties, unreachable femme fatale or seductive pussycat. Some of models, regardless of specific material, are presenting very light and girlishy. That makes them universal, because products will work in realisation of every erotic fantasy. Considerable is also an offer of skirts clearly suitable for realization BDSM visions. Decorated even with vulgar cutouts and tyings, equipped with metal buckles and clamps, perfectly presenting on the body of strict femdom, which dictate the ruls of beds plays.

Leather skirts are great option of erotic costume , but a lot of fashions will work also in everyday situations. Versions with simple cut, may be combined with every blouse, even with official, white shirt. Thanks to this, our products will suitable in bedroom, on a date, friends meeting and some may be worn to the work. Perverse models, outside the bedroom, will be a good choice for a swingers club meeting.

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  1. Mini Skirt LE6175
    As low as €108.63
  2. LE5814 Skirt
    As low as €110.48
  3. LE5826 Skirt
    As low as €108.82
  4. LE5856 Skirt
    As low as €93.85
  5. LE5532 Skirt
    As low as €148.26
  6. LE0997 Skirt
    As low as €121.96
  7. LE5184 Skirt
    As low as €144.21
  8. LE5857 Skirt
    As low as €108.09
  9. LE5855 Skirt
    As low as €76.04
  10. LE5801 Skirt
    As low as €114.31
  11. LE5471 Skirt
    As low as €123.87
  12. LE5817 Skirt
    As low as €126.74
  13. LE5529 Skirt
    As low as €64.82
  14. LE5101 Skirt
    As low as €134.39
  15. LE5484 Skirt
    As low as €194.91
  16. LE5472 Skirt
    As low as €174.09
  17. LE5528 Skirt
    As low as €123.87
  18. LE0276 Skirt
    As low as €198.96
  19. LE5491 Skirt
    As low as €198.48
  20. LE0667 Skirt
    As low as €111.92
  21. LE5156 Skirt
    As low as €145.64
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22 Items

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