Leather panties are a strong accent in fetishist's outfit. Splendidly accentuate the character of rough sex games, perfectly fitting to the BDSM style. They match both women and men.

Panties made of leather are unprudish element of erothic clothing. Available in man and woman version. Used in sexual plays, mostly create complete sets with corsets or shirt made of the same material. However, connected with clothing made of lighter materials, they don’t lose their specific character. Fits practical for every outfit and as the only element on the naked body, even stronger fire the sensations, encouraging for pulling them off.

Leather briefs perfectly presenting in combination with metal accessories. Buckles and chains gives them a bit of darkness, excellently fitting a sadomasochistic climate. Some of models has a bold cutouts in nevralgic parts, which turning up temperature further. This kind of fashion fits splendidly to the both passive lovers and ready for everything dominatrix or master. Smooth, classic panties made of leather are characterized by greater versatility. For an extension of bed games is worth to put them under everyday clothing. Invisible for others, can efficiently stimulate during the whole day, being a wonderful declaration of evening excesses.

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