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Leather Tops, shirts & Jackets

Leather shirts are an important element of clothing for fetishers. This kind of products are comfortable substitute for latex clothes, still being a bit of controversial and extremely erogenous. They’re good for many erotic games.

Leather shirts in women's and men's version are especially desired in BDSM fantasies. They’re making great sets with pants and skirts, but also can be worn only with briefs. Multiplicity of fashions alloves for usage in many erotic visions. Those boldly exposing the body, with cutouts or fully uncovering breasts are perfect for hottest games in BDSM style. However, those more conservative models are sensual accessory even for everyday stylization. In combination with leather pants, may create perfect set for a concert of a party. Used in bedroom brings specific, dark atmosphere, encouraging for more unprudish experiments. They’re a curious invitation for world full of perversity.

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  1. LE5818 Vest
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  2. LE5267 Top
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  3. LE0971 Vest
    As low as €106.90
  4. LE5181 Top
    As low as €144.44
  5. LE5104 Blouse with a chain
    As low as €167.87
  6. LE0888 Vest
    As low as €159.26
  7. LE5186 Vest
    As low as €146.35
  8. LE5591 Top
    As low as €71.99
  9. LE5475 Top
    As low as €143.71
  10. LE5825 Top
    As low as €99.48
  11. LE5487 Top
    As low as €181.26
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