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Leather gloves

Leather gloves are expressive addition for every outfit. Even for everyday stylization adds same sophisticated character. Regardless of fashion, in bed they’re fit for almost every sexual fantasy.

Leather gloves are available in short and long version, and moreover they’re covers the hands to varying degrees. Those worn only on one finger, seems to be more elegant and at the same time more intriguing. Although this products fits many stylizations, they're look particularly good on dominatrix hands. Gloves are playing two kinds of roles in bed. Definitely adds some spicy and regardless of mistress outfit, they’re always look sexi. They may be the only part of clothing on the body and still will be presenting beguilingly. At the same time, they are responsible for new sensual experience. Gloves may be an interesting attribute in the foreplay, when touch plays a particularly important role. Will be perfect for caress a person with covered eyes and many men will be crazy about stimulating their penis with hand in leather glove. Moreover, they will be perfect accent in typical BDSM plays, no matter which role will fall to a woman . Still, looks the best in hand that holds a whip or another BDSM accessory.

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  1. LE8009 Gloves
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  2. LE5266 Gloves
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  4. LE0978 Gloves
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  5. LE5522 Gloves
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  8. LE0969 Gloves
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  9. LE5523 Gloves
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  10. LE5519 Gloves
    As low as €71.99
  11. LE5551 Gloves
    As low as €43.29
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