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For Him

Leather erotic costumes for him are exciting multiplicity of bold elements of clothing, which will change gentle lover into a wild animal. This kind of clothes will add a perversity for a life of every couple.

Leathers erotic outfits for men it’s not only tighten ass and emphasized penis , tight pants and narrow shirts, that accentuate muscular arms. That’s also a number of more vulgar propositions for a diversity of sex life. For a special attention deserve briefs , which exist in different versions, for men more or less ready for pure perversion. May take role of erogenous accessory, that fully uncovers male mystery or may be covered by rivets, that give them a distinctive character. Those models are designed for raw lovers, that have no inhibitions.

Leather male outfits are an offer for a men in any sexual orientation. Some of clothing elements will work only in bed or in closed fetishists circles. There exists also those, which may be combined in daily life, wearing them in leather and mixed stylizations.

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  1. LE0086 Slip with zipper
    As low as €52.13
  2. LE0994 Briefs
    As low as €46.10
  3. LE5496 Body
    As low as €126.51
  4. LE5704 Briefs
    As low as €36.83
  5. LE5019 Briefs
    As low as €37.08
  6. LE5697 Briefs
    As low as €78.91
  7. LE5569 Briefs
    As low as €54.77
  8. LE5705 Briefs
    As low as €34.91
  9. LE5016 Briefs
    As low as €47.35
  10. LE5698 Belt
    As low as €111.92
  11. LE5201 Briefs
    As low as €45.44
  12. LE5694 Belt
    As low as €159.99
  13. LE5570 Briefs
    As low as €70.78
  14. LE5055 Briefs
    As low as €42.34
  15. LE5139 Briefs
    As low as €81.56
  16. LE0176 Briefs
    As low as €83.47
  17. LE5211 Briefs
    As low as €49.99
  18. LE5231 Briefs
    As low as €49.99
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21 Items

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