Stockings made of sexy materials such as datex, latex or leather are elements that perfectly match the climate of erotic games. These items of clothing are a good choice for people who are looking for a variety in bed. Stockings and tights are a useful addition to women's outfits, but in the erotic version they have a very different character. When used for more licentious sexual games and put on without underwear, they underline sex appel and excite the other side. Tights with fancy patterns and numerous straps can be combined with blouses, corsets and dresses. They will be useful during the foreplay. They will also be fantastic additional element to take off during a hot striptease. Stockings also prove themselves in such an erotic show. In addition, you can combine them with garter belts, vests or corsets. They allow you to create unusual stylizations that will diversify playing the role-playing scenarios or BDSM frolics. For bolder games of dominance and submissiveness, stockings made of leather, latex or datex are particularly useful.

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  1. LE3198 Knee Highs
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  2. 9309 Leggins
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  3. 9246 Socks
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  4. LE0743 Garter belt
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  5. LE3025 Leggings
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  6. 9062 Stockings
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  7. LE1689 Leggings
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  8. 9079 Bedboots
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  9. LE1709 Leggings
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  10. LE1333 Bedboots
    As low as €92.84
  11. 9023 Stockings
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