Latex & Datex Clothing

Latex erotic costumes are the most erogenous options for controversial searcher. This product are awaking the imagination, and will be perfect in most of naughty sex scenarios.

Latex is well known material for everyone, but only view have a courage to wear it. Clearly associated with BDSM practice, can also be used in a softer sex situations. Splendidly shaping a body, makes temperature in bedroom hotter and awakening the imagination of both partners. Except of visual experience, provides extraordinary sensory stimulation. The feeling latex on skin is guarantee of a pleasant thrill. During BDSM playing tight latex strengthens the feeling of enslavement and properly used may make the discomfort desirable by submissive ones.

Dresses, suits and body made of latex it’s an idea not only for naughty nights for two. Conesers of unconventional erotic practices will find in offert costumes suitable for thematic parties and meeting in swingers clubs. For expected shining effect, latex requires the use of oiling substances. For more comfortable put on body latex costume is recommended applying substances that gives a slip to the skin.

Provocative and also comfortable and awaiking imagination datex costumes are a proposition for naughty stylizations lovers. Multiplacy of fashion types gives an opportunity for making uncountable sex scenarios.

Tempting clothes, including pants, shirts, suits, dresses and body from datex are opening the doors for sex fantasies. Can be used for variety of sexual life, when routine will sneak into the bedroom. This product will be great idea for role-playing games. Datex tops and underwear can become also a strong accent in more intime dalliance.

Datex is a synthetic material similar in appearance to latex. Recommended for people that looking for a little more of comfort or that are allergic to latex. Datex clothing are distinguished by great flexibility and a excellent fit to the body.Product don’t require additional slip on the body, easily puts on the skin, enhancing all of silhouette walors. For a better shining effect datex, like latex, should be grassed by same oil substance.

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  1. Datex dress, 9458
    As low as €110.16
  2. Datex dress, 9447
    As low as €74.64
  3. Body, datex, 9443
    As low as €73.92
  4. Body, datex, 9442
    As low as €67.92
  5. Latex set, LE2969
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  6. Latex set, LE2960
    As low as €76.81
  7. Latex set, LE2956
    As low as €70.45
  8. Latex set, LE2955
    As low as €76.77
  9. Latex dress, LE2307
    As low as €261.38
  10. Latex body, LE2304
    As low as €77.85
  11. Latex dress, LE2303
    As low as €106.43
  12. Latex dress, LE2300
    As low as €106.43
  13. Latex body, LE2296
    As low as €47.40
  14. Latex body, LE2294
    As low as €58.80
  15. LE2291
    As low as €102.55
  16. Latex dress, LE2290
    As low as €102.55
  17. Latex skirt, LE2289
    As low as €125.62
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