Datex & Latex Clothing

Datex is the most modern hybrid material, combining the extravagance of latex and the comfort of using classic textiles. It is our proprietary project, conceived, developed, and patented entirely by LEDAPOL company. The outer layer is latex, while on the inside, it is a flexible fabric. Thanks to this structure, the application of datex clothes is trouble-free while maintaining all the latex advantages. It is difficult to distinguish between the two materials because they are equally smooth, intense in color, and slippery. Erotic costumes made of datex are characterized by high flexibility and perfectly fit the body without additional slip. They adhere seamlessly to the skin and emphasize all the qualities of the figure. For a shiny effect, datex, just like latex, should be polished with dedicated products, hand washed after each use, and appropriately stored.Latex is a natural rubber material often associated with the fetish community. Latex costumes are still popular nowadays as they used to be in the last century. After all, Latex is an extraordinary and effective material, but also very demanding. It perfectly enhances the body, which is why it is sometimes called the second skin. When wearing, remember to use a lubricant - it can be a talcum powder or a special gel. Latex dresses, latex suits, and latex bodysuits are very flexible and stretchy clothes.

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