Lady Lilith - fetish materials

Latex, datex, PVC, or leather are extravagant materials and firmly rooted in the fetish culture. Ledapol's clothes and accessories are often made of these materials. Experienced users know very well how to properly handle them to serve as long as possible. We would like to spread the knowledge about these materials. We decided to use the experience of a professional who deals with our products daily. Lady Lilith is a professional dominatrix whose weaknesses are leather whips, high boots and shiny clothes.

How to measure yourself?

In subsequent episodes, Lady Lilith tells how to take care of these materials and her methods to make them look the best. It also tells us how we should measure ourselves to choose the best-fitting clothes when we shop online. You can find the detailed size charts on our website, but it is also worth watching the movie in which Lady Lilith shows where and how to measure yourself.

How to take care of leather?

Leather corsets and black leather gloves are continuously popular among fetish products of 2021. Although leather is a classic material and seems to be completely trouble-free, it is worth seeing how it should be maintained.

What is datex?

Another material that the professional dominatrix Lady Lilith covers is datex. This latex variety is easier to use and is becoming more and more popular among our customers. However, proper shine and storage are essential so that the material does not discolour, for example, when exposed to light.

How to wear latex?

Latex is a must-have item in every dominatrix's wardrobe. Loved by fetishists, the extravagant material requires a certain amount of experience, which certainly cannot be denied to our expert Lady Lilith.

How to maintain PVC?

In the last episode of the series, Lady Lilith shows vinyl charms, which is a fascinating material. Dressed in a PVC outfit, Lady Lilith will share with you her experience on how to clean and store clothes made of lack.

Lady Lilith - hot extra material!

During the making of this YouTube series, we managed to record a lot of material, which unfortunately was not included in the episodes. However, it was so beautiful and hot that we decided to compose an additional video from it. We show you the best outtakes. Why is it worth watching? You can see some of the clothes available in the new Ledapol collection.

Watch the popular series of videos on our YouTube channel. The professional dominatrix Lady Lilith shares her experience of using the most wanted fetish materials.