Is latex for me?

Is latex for me?

Some things look super hot and make you want them right away. I should try that - you think, and then right away, this little grumpy voice in your head appears and asks all these terrible questions, like:

–You want it, but do you really, really want it?

-Do you?

-How do you know?

-Wouldn't it be too far from your comfort zone?

When it comes to wearing latex for the first time - it is precisely that case. You know how it looks, you know some people love it, but how it will work for you? Isn't it extremely expensive material? Well – let us unsolve some of the latex most common myths and answer a few questions you wanted to ask before buying your first latex outfit.

Are Latex clothes expensive?

Are they? Well - yes and no. First of all – you don't have to buy full catsuit, hood and gloves to find out if the rubber is your thing or not.

Start small – get yourself one piece of latex clothing and see how it fits. Feel it. Try it on. Play with it. You will learn the feel and find out if that is a no-go or what you want to spend some money on. Or all the money. It might be addictive -don't tell we warned you! You can find overpriced latex stores and overpay as much as you like. But there are loads of vendors with a decent price range, and if you do your research you can get some juicy bargains and discounts every now and then.

Is latex good for me?

There is only one way to find out. If you are reading this, there is a chance the answer is yes.

Still - some people like the look but are allergic to the material. Others find effort in keeping it in the right condition – cleaning after each usage, covering with talcum powder, storing properly - too much hustle. There are many factors, but the best way to find out if it works is simply by trying. And the safe way to try it is to start small. Get yourself gloves, top or a miniskirt for starters.

Is putting on latex hard?

To be honest – if you have fitted garments – you will be fine. It does require lubricant, or talcum powder to put your latex outfit on - it is a personal preference. Most of the users find it an enjoyable part of the entire latex experience. Once it is on, it will give you a sense of the second skin. Unless it is too big. You want it tight not saggy. That is why you should be aware of your actual size when ordering your outfit. Latex is exceptionally starchy, but it will cause intense pressure on your body if undersized. It should be tight but comfortable at the same time. Catsuits or overalls often got zippers that are very helpful when you put it on.

How do you maintain latex?

There are few things you have to keep in mind, but let's face it is not rocket science. Basically, you have to:

  • Wash your latex after every use – warm water with soap will do.
  • Dry it properly. Simply hang and let it dribble. Be careful with high and low temperatures.
  • Avoid direct light – UV might damage latex.
  • Cover in talcum powder when stored, so it doesn't get sticky.

And that is pretty much it. Not so hard, right? Still in doubt? Fear not! There are loads of forums, groups and sites where you will get expert tutorials on how to take care of your latex. Rubber community is open-minded bunch - simply ask and you will get all the support you need all around the world.

When I order - Is the packaging discreet?

If neighbours find out what's in this package – what would they think?

If neighbours find out what's in this package – what would they think?

Well – you don't know. And unless you don't want to find out – you don't have to. And they definitively do not get the opportunity to find out what you ordered. Deliveries of latex are discreet. You can always double-check when ordering, but vendors are aware of what they are selling and they take special care of discretion. It is wrapped in non-transparent cover for transportation. Sometimes when you order your outfit from abroad – it might have a description for customs official – but that would be in the worst-case scenario "rubber clothes" which can be swimming caps. But that is very unlikely to happen. Hope you have enjoyed reading this thread and are ready to make your first step into a wonderful rubber world of latex. If you got any other doubts, questions – ask them in a comments section, and we will do our best to answer them.