How to get a classy goth look?

What is a gothic style in 2021?

There is no strict definition, but when you see it, you know it. It is dark, pale, and alternative —little sinister and emotional. It has a few connotations: punk on the one hand and XIX-th century fashion on the other. Which is more like a fantasy-dream about XIX-th century fashion. Steampunk, Goth, Emo, Cyberpunk – cosplayers and kinksters do not make it any easier to set the exact boundaries between the styles. But fashion is not about setting the boundaries. It is about pushing them and redefining old definitions.

The first reference that comes to mind would be characters created by Tim Burton. From ‘Beetlejuice’ through ‘Nightmare before Christmass’ until his latest films, Burton has populated global imagination with a powerful fashion style. It was dark, stripy, baroque. And slowly it made it’s way to a broader audience and become a fashion. Nowadays, the world premiere of Cyberpunk opened the fashion for a futuristic urban style. But let’s get to the goth fashion essentials.

Goth fashion elements that are crucial to consider:

Here are a few tips to consider if you want to try it for the first time or maybe expend your style. Black t-shirt and jeans might be goth, but if you want something more classy, you need something more durable, and well made with high-quality materials. The first choice is obviously leather, but new sexy black material of 2021 is datex.

#Black – the basic goths colour is black.

If you want to start your goth outfit but don’t know where to start – start with something black. It is mostly black when it comes to choosing the colours for your clothes, hair, and makeup. Of course, it is not a rule. Just a suggestion, advice you can not refuse. Why is that? Because there is a pastel goth style which is not black, but pastel. Black is just addition to pastel goth universe. Having said that- black is a goth trademark and a safe choice. I’m sorry pastel goths.


Jewellery is very welcome in a goth style. Silver chains are very popular as goth accessories, as silver is a good fit with black. Styles? It depends on your preference. Having a punk leather collar on your neck will work perfectly. But religious symbols are often used. It can be a subtle lace choker. Or you can look for a punk collar with spikes, studs, rivets or simple plain leather strap. Most of the jewellery in goth stylisations tends to be silver, to serve as a complement to the primary colour black


#Body harness

It is a set of straps or belts often used as a part of BDSM outfit. And goth style is often described as a sex-shop fetishwear. The body harness is often associated with cyberpunk style. A post-apocalyptic cosplay body harness usually has lots of metal clasps or rings, so you can attach your post-apocalyptic equipment there.
Or fasten some silver chains which just looks cool and has no post-apocalyptic explanation at all.


When it comes to stockings - fishnets and lace are an excellent choice. If you want to try something different, you might consider black printed latex or datex. This material is predatory, sexy and black. To make sure they stay tight up – attache them to the garter belt.

What is the favourite goth material in 2021?

Datex is amazing looking yet very easy to maintain material. It has a predatory fetish vibe because of latex covering. The surface has an outstanding kinky shine. It is more exciting then classical, dull leather. And way easier then original latex. The beautiful corset is a basic goth need, and black datex corsets make a real sensation. Unlike ordinary leather, they not only emphasise the figure but also have a fantastic fetish shine.