GET INSPIRED- watch Anna Zapala testing our products!

Trouble with choosing good lingerie? Fear of latex? Watch a new youtube video made by Anna Zapala- famous influencer and vloger from Poland- where she answers all of your questions about our products, latex and datex. Anka will also tell You a story about how our products are made, how we ship them and of course how we pack them to preserve from damage.

Anka Zapala shows us our new model in a warm, personalised and diversified way. By giving us a close look at the products she tells us about her own experience with latex and erotic wear. Red lipstic, black wig and lingerie- classic symbols of sex appeal. That is Anna’s justified way wear our products.

Models she chose are from our newest collection, which you can check out by clicking the „novelities” section. Latex dress with tulle inserts perfectly fits for a Lady, who is beginnig her journey with erotic wear. Not provocative, but definitely boosts imagination.. In that dress everything is up to You. You decide who You are, Your body language reflects that and defines the vibe Your giving.

Next thing she chose is a body - combination of latex and tulle – which shows that latex look can also be comfortable. All that thanks to our innovative material-datex, which gives You the opportunity to wear latex, without the discomfort which goes with it. Very pleasent and very glamorous. An alternative to wear also outside bedroom, as a top for a night out.

Gorgeous green set, which Anna wears as a third outfit, is made of printed latex. Our newest discovery- high technology and great quality of fabric can make a look. Top of the set subtly functions as a bra, but enhanced with transluscent material. Classic panties at the bottom highlight Your butt and give more firmed vibe. Comfortable, sexy and the color, oh the color adds as a little exotic. Perfect for a date night.

Pink, made of printed latex bra with G-strings. Sounds perfect, isn’t it? Top seems like a regular bra, but the fabric gives it extra comfort and when You look closely You’ll notice that it is not really that regular. Slightly transluscent with a little bit of imagination doesn’t leave anything to wonder. Bottom of a set is made of seductive stripes – extra highlighting curves feature.  G-strings have a little hole at the bottom, handy when you don’t feel like taking it off. It truly is perfect..

Last but not least, Influencer shows us our flirtatious green body, also made of printed latex. Not only does it boosts sight, but sense of smell as well! At first subty covering, then lets You discover its nature. Slightly provocative with a little hole between tights. Adds some spice and practicalness. Allows You to enjoy it all night with no need of taking it of.

By introducing our products Anka Zapala answers to questions many of us ask and proves that they are made almost for everyone. You can also get inspired by beautiful Anna and see how would You look like in sexy body or seductive latex dress. We also encourage You to follow us on social media, where many promotions and new stuff is going to appear soon.