Bianca Beauchamp, an amateur of our printed latex!

Bianca Beauchamp w drukowanym lateksie z

The undisputed icon of latex stylizations is delighted with our authorial material, from which we produce extremely stylish and functional erotic lingerie. This is printed latex that stole the heart of Bianca Beauchamp! The fact that the star of this format is fond of our products is the best confirmation of their highest quality. The model not only appreciated the extravagant, bold and sophisticated design of our sensual clothes, but also expressed appreciation for the extraordinary comfort that you can enjoy while wearing them!

Printed latex
  1. Set (bra fastened at the front, diamond pattern and thong with the hole at the front), LE2999
    As low as €52.80
    We ship in 3 days
    A set that fantastically emphasizes body shapes. Every woman who puts on this model will look phenomenal and feel sexy. The latex set is extremely comfortable. The bra has a front fastening, which makes it easier to put on and take off. The thongs have been enriched with a small hole at the front, which will definitely make the sexual games and erotic caresses more attractive.
  2. Set (bra fastened at the back and fancy thong), LE2998
    As low as €81.36
    We ship in 3 - 4 days
    Black doesn’t have to dominate in latex stylizations! This set, consisting of a bra fastened at the back and thong, is a great outfit for lovers of intense colors. The juicy shade will stimulate the imagination and the unusual texture of the material will add charm.
  3. Set (fancy bra fastened at the front and thong with the hole at the front), LE2997
    As low as €52.80
    We ship in 3 - 4 days
    The latex set is available in various colors and it is dedicated to ladies who are looking for extravagant and fanciful erotic stylizations! A functional bra fastened at the front and extremely skimpy thongs are perfect for more or less lecherous games.

Bianca Beauchamp, active in the erotic models industry, is known most of all for her passion for latex and fetish that has significantly determined the direction of her career. The star was posing for many magazines. Photos of her voluptuous figure appeared, among others, on the cover of the Bizzarre magazine, as well as in the Playboy special editions. Furthermore, Elexis Sinclaire, a character from the SiN Episodes computer game, was modeled just on the image of the famous model.

What impresses with printed latex?

Our printed latex is primarily spatial material. Thanks to the fact that we have subjugated the technology of its production, we have the possibility to make very fanciful designs, and in fact just our imagination can limit us !

Very high flexibility of printed latex means a perfect fit to the body. The proof of that is beautiful body of Bianca Beauchamp which looks divine in our underwear. All of its amazing shapes are attractively and visibly exposed, starting with a full breasts, through a tempting waistline, ending with rounded hips and slender legs.

Bianca Beauchamp w drukowanym latexie z