A universal PVC clothing guide - lack
Lack PCV

If you want to look incredibly sexy, it is worth reaching for clothes made of PVC material. It is distinguished by the unique ability of expressing shapes of the body in a very sensual way and emphasizing its attributes. Erotic clothes that are made of this material work well in intimate situations, in particular in a bedroom and swingers clubs. However, in order to look great in such clothes, you should choose the right outfit and then take care of it properly. This is the best way to optimally enhance the silhouette's value and keep the attractive gloss of the outfit.

Choosing a PVC outfit

PVC is characterized by high stiffness, so as a consequence when you put your outfit on your body it will stay in the perfect form during all evening. However, on the other hand it means that the material is not elastic enough to stretch and adapt easily to the body. For this reason, you should choose clothes that are perfectly suited to your individual size. In case of doubts related to the choice between smaller and larger sizes, you should always decide on the larger one.

How to clean PVC clothes?

In order to preserve the PVC clothing properties for as long as possible, remember to follow some valuable tips. Firstly, it is recommended to clean your clothes always after wearing it. If there is no serious dirt, just refresh the material by wiping the entire surface with a damp cloth. You will get rid of pollen and dust that cause the reduction of the gloss. It is also a food way to dispose of natural body odors. To do more thorough cleaning of PVC clothes, very weak detergent solution can be used to hand wash. Dishwashing liquid or washing powder can be useful, too. To obtain even better result, it is good to apply the solution to a specific place and leave it to soak for 10 minutes. When it is really hard to remove the stains, the soaking time can be extended, but don’t forget to do it only locally, at the point of dirtiness. The rest of the clothes should be kept away from the water.


WASH PVC CLOTHES IN THE WACHING MACHINE, because it can cause changes of shape and irretrievably destroy their structure.

IRON, because it can melt the PVC material.

CLEAN WHITH A SPONGE / WASHER because it can damage the material structure.

Your clothes should be thoroughly rinsed in cold water after cleaning, paying attention that the entire detergent should be removed from the surface.

PVC material don’t need to be polished like latex, but you can use a silicone lubricant to add some gloss.

Storage of PVC clothes

PVC clothes storage is as important as PVC clothes care. Due to the risk of sticking to other items of clothing, each of them should be kept in a separate case. The place where you keep PVC clothing shouldn’t be too warm or sunny. In the worst case, this could lead to material melting. There is also a considerable risk that structure of your material would get damaged and consequently the comfort of wearing would decrease and the aesthetics would get worse.

It is difficult to determine the lifespan of PVC clothing because it depends on many factors. Besides good care and storage, the frequency of wearing it and the intensity of use are pivotal.