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  1. A universal PVC clothing guide - lack

    A universal PVC clothing guide - lack
    If you want to look incredibly sexy, it is worth reaching for clothes made of PVC material. It is distinguished by the unique ability of expressing shapes of the body in a very sensual way and emphasizing its attributes. Erotic clothes that are made of this material work well in intimate situations, in particular in a bedroom and swingers clubs.
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  2. How to care for leather clothes?

    How to care for leather clothes?
    Leather is a unique material, characterized by high durability and high resistance to damage. This cloth is skin-friendly and it doesn’t cause allergies. People have appreciated leather’s great features for years thanks to certainty of high comfort while wearing and perfection in adapting to the shape of the body.
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  3. What is Datex ?

    What is Datex ?
    Datex is a modern material created by putting a natural rubber on a very flexible material. The most important thing about using Datex is the ease of putting tight fitting clothes directly on the skin with no need to use slip gel. Datex means a great comfort while maintaining all advantages of traditional latex.
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