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Fun Facts

  1. Is latex clothing breathable?

    Is latex clothing breathable?

    How to reduce sweating in latex

    How is wearing latex clothing different from ordinary fabrics? Is it hot or cold in latex? Is it true that you sweat a lot while wearing latex? If so, is there any way to prevent it? We will try to explain in more detail the specificity of latex costumes and how experienced users deal with the problem of sweating in latex.

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  2. Is latex for me?

    Is latex for me?
    Have you ever wonder about trying latex? Or - you wanted to try it but had this doubts and questions. Here are a few latex tips that will help you. A good place to start your latex adventure. Dip your toe in rubber before you dive in.
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  3. Top 5 BDSM accessories for beginners

    Top 5 BDSM accessories for beginners
    Do you feel like BDSM might be your thing? Would you like to try it, but you wonder where to start your adventure? Check out our TOP 5 accessories and tips for people who want to see how they feel on a kinky side of life.Starting with the BDSM accessories that are the most vanilla and moving deeper and deeper - here we are our TOP 5 BDSM accessories to begin your adventure with!
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  4. 5 gadżetów od których najlepiej zacząć przygodę z BDSM

    5 gadżetów od których najlepiej zacząć przygodę z BDSM

    Nie wiesz, czy klimat BDSM jest dla Ciebie? Chciałbyś spróbować, ale zastanawiasz się od czego zacząć swoją przygodę? Zobacz nasze top 5 akcesoriów dla osób, które chcą sprawdzić, jak odnajdują się w zabawach o zabarwieniu fetyszowym.

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  5. Short History of latex

    Short History of latex
    Where did the latex come from?Latex is an interesting material that has been very popular for many years. You wouldn't guess how many!When we ask about the first use of rubber in the production of clothes, we think of the famous Macintosh coats that are still inspiring and constantly popular today.
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